May 9, 2022

Why Details Matter, Now More Than Ever

“Good design is as little as possible. Less, but better, because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity.” – Dieter Rams

The goal of every design and marketing campaign is to attract more customers to the brand. From the product to photography and adverts, getting the attention of potential customers is the goal. Initially, it was surprising that top brands pay ridiculously high figures to their designers and marketers.

But now, we see the amount of creativity and thought process invested in product design and advertising, and how much it impacts the bottom line. The difference is in the details and they matter now more than ever!

A Saturated Market

The market has become more saturated and everyone wants to stand out. The competition among existing brands increases daily with new entrants trooping into the luxury industry regularly. There is an increasing need for every brand to bring something exceptional to the market to gain the attention of consumers.

Without this, they’d have to fall behind front-row brands dominating the industry. To achieve success, luxury brands need to explore previously unexplored areas to seek solutions. Looking into the details will help to reveal flaws in the marketing strategies and design concepts of others. Once you can identify the flaws, you can work to improve them, and ultimately improve your brand.

Great User Experience

Feedback on user experience is a great way to determine the loyalty of customers within a market space. When a user has a great experience with the product, the result becomes favorable to them and the brand. Paying attention to details helps you to improve your users’ experience especially when customers give feedback about product upgrades and added features.

While each detail may not matter too greatly individually, the details add up to make the whole. Each detail still has an effect, no matter how little on the overall perception of the product or brand. Whether you are working on a logo design, an advert, or a CGI visual, the little details all contribute to how the consumers perceive the final product.

Improve Consistency

Delivering consistent results is a great way to impress your customer base and attract new ones to the community. You can help guarantee consistency by paying more attention to the little details. By doing the same things frequently, you improve while still delivering similar results.

This works on a molecular level as well as on a large scale. By following your methodology precisely at every step, you ensure the same outcome consistently. Of course, you need to seek improvement as well, but by improving your known quality, you attract a larger customer base.

Subconscious Marketing

Have you ever found yourself humming a particular tune and can’t figure out where you’ve heard it before? It is a common phenomenon and it all comes from one place, our subconscious. While you may not pay attention to detail when listening or watching something, your mind does unconsciously, of course. It sees and hears everything.

By placing little details in an advert or a photo, you reach more people subconsciously. Soon, you would start to notice your consumers having specific reasons why they’ve stayed loyal to your brand for years. Interestingly, you might not take these things into consideration but they work better than you’d initially assume.


The saying goes, “little details matter”, and that is the case in the design industry, especially when it comes to luxury products. Focusing on small details will always lead to improved output. When you think about how every stroke or brush affects the overall, it affects the quality you produce for consumption.

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