May 13, 2022

The Effective Strategy For Positioning A Luxury Product

“I believe that style is the only real luxury that is really desirable.” – Giorgio Armani

The initial success of a luxury product is often prejudged by its product launch. When done properly, a product launch could help to propel a new product to greater heights in the marketplace. Of course, this doesn’t imply that the overall success of a product is dependent on the launch.

When launching a luxury product, it is important to get it right from the outset. The best way to ensure this is to be adequately prepared. A good strategy would help ensure your luxury product performs admirably in the market from its unveiling.

Market Research

Thorough market research helps a brand know what its target audience expects from a luxury product. What kinds of specs and features do consumers like? Which competitor products are performing best in the market? These are hard-hitting questions you must ask when launching a luxury product. Understanding the market helps to take advantage of the market flow.

A brand literally stays in control of the market flow when they conduct effective market research before launch. Market research helps a new brand take a supervisory position on other leading brands before launching. In the short period, you’d learn the things that work, things that do not, and ways to better compensate the consumers.

Brand Identity: Set your Brand Apart

There are existing brands in the industry before you. So what singles you out from the majority? What product feature or service sets you apart from the crowd? Brand identity helps consumers identify your brand when they need specific products or services. Before launching your product, take a moment to decide what you are bringing to the market that’s different from the norm.

From product packaging to advertising campaigns, everything about your luxury product must be unique. Top brands grow and maintain their space in the marketplace because they have unique features and services.

Make your Brand Exclusive

Luxury in itself means a class that can only be afforded by a selected few. Before launch, ensure you rebrand and promote features that make your products feel exclusive to your customers. No one wants to pay extra for a product or service that can be gotten cheaply in the market. Make every consumer that doesn’t have your luxury product aim and save to purchase one.

Raising that level of standards for your business from the outset helps to promote your brand. When your brand is exclusive in nature, people would cherish having a bit of the class. Add something special to your luxury product, something that is exclusive only to it. Your existing and new customers would be glad to be a part of the exclusive club.

Uncompromising Quality

Nothing scares customers away more than a drop in the quality of a luxurious item. Consumers can sense when brands cut down their quality after a while. Aside from this being a wrong move, you’d also give room for competitors to outshine your short-span success.

Unwavering loyalty to your original intent is a powerful attractant to new customers. Popular luxury brands like Chanel ensure that every product they release meets a certain quality. With such a level of uncompromising quality, they can boast to be one of the most sought-after brands in the world.


With the right strategy and plan before launch, your luxury brand will grow to become a global sensation. Without an effective strategy, however, you run the risk of not finding a product-market fit. The key to luxury items is to ensure every user is satisfied with your product.

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