May 10, 2022

Why Top Brands Are Switching To Product CGI For Photography.

Product photography has always been an important part of the growth we’ve experienced in advertising and sales this last decade. In recent times, however, there has been a shift that has seen product CGI rise to share the spotlight with traditional photography.

Many companies now opt for CGI instead of product photography to capture the essential features of their products. Product CGI offers many advantages over traditional product photography. Let’s share why front-row brands prefer CGI to product photography nowadays.


Top brands often go from spending a quarter to almost half their financial resources on advertising. While product photography helped to reduce the cost of advertising over time, we now have something better. CGI offers both small and large-scale businesses lower costs for getting stunning product imagery and videos of amazing quality.

The best part is that it also takes up less time than traditional product photography. With most brands having multiple products to be advertised, they stand a higher chance of reducing costs by opting for CGI. With product CGI, you need fewer resources to handle the project.

Reuse Value

The images from product photography are only limited to the version or model of that product. If a brand intends to get the best from their marketing campaigns, they’d have to book another photography session for a new product release. Since the previous models lack the new features in the upgraded versions, the images from the product photography sessions can not be reused.

However, products rendered in the 3D space with CGI can be reused. The artist creates each feature or section of the product separately which makes editing possible at the time of an upgrade. With CGI, the necessary updates can be easily made on the previous version without having to recapture the entire product from scratch.

Greater Control

There isn’t much creative input when it comes to traditional product photography. Photo editors can obviously play around with the background but never the product itself. With CGI, the amount of control you have over everything is astonishing.

The only limit to capturing a product with CGI is the imagination of the stakeholder. You may start with one idea and end up with something else, but equally beautiful and unique.  In the end, you control everything that comes out in the final image.

Perfect Consistency

CGI has solved one of the lasting problems of product photography in advertising, “How do you minimize cost on products that come in different colors?” Before now, one would have to photograph different versions of the same product to get multiple samples to promote.

Product CGI on the other hand gives you the option of changing the color and other basic features of the product. Once the original product has been modeled, it can be rendered easily in multiple varieties. If you also plug it into a 3D (360) viewer, customers can rotate the product and switch between colors on your website to see what color suits them best.

The two examples above are based on 1 model and rendered in 2 dial color variations, showing perfect consistency and providing an idea of the effectiveness of scaling the no. of shots by reusing existing models, materials, and textures.


CGI is the future of digital photography but it’s already trending in the luxury market. Thanks to the greater control and flexibility that comes with CGI, we now have more brands joining the CGI revolution by the day. Brands can now rely on getting an increased number of stunning, neat, and nearly-flawless images of products. 

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